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Spark 2.0 krijgt meer teamfuncties: samen e-mail schrijven.
whatsapp facebook twitter telegram. linkedin mail print. Spark 2.0: beter samenwerken aan e-mail. De OekraĆÆense ontwikkelaar Readdle heeft versie 2.0 van Spark uitgebracht op iPhone, iPad, Mac en Apple Watch. Je kunt samen een e-mail schrijven, discussiĆ«ren over een e-mailbericht en linkjes uitwisselen naar e-mailberichten waarmee je iets wilt doen.
Spark Email by Readdle on the App Store.
When I get home and open this app, most of the emails I already saw at work are still there in my inbox. That never happens with the apple tock mail app. I have to manage my emails twice now with Spark.
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Review: Spark voor de Mac brengt slimme inbox naar de desktokp.
Spark kenmerkt zich vooral door de Smart Inbox, waardoor de belangrijke mail gescheiden wordt van alle minder belangrijke berichten. Meer over Spark op de iPhone en iPad lees je in onderstaande twee reviews. Review: Spark wil je weer verliefd op e-mail maken.
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Spark Email App by Readdle on the Mac App Store.
I use it on all platforms-phone, tablet, desktop, laptop-and it finally cured me of POP. I used to create a lot of categories and tags with my old programs Postbox-prior to that Thunderbird-prior to that Mail so as to keep track of things, but the search function in Spark is so robust that I don't' have to now-I use gmail, which keeps an archive, and Spark searches it seemingly instantly.
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Readdle launching Spark 2, an email experience built for teams 9to5Mac.
Spark 2 also includes third party integration on iOS with Reminders, 2Do, Omnifocus, Things, Wunderlist, Todoist, Asana, Trello, Bear, and Files; and Spark 2 for Mac adds a new calendar experience as well. Spark 2 is a free update for existing customers on iPhone, iPad, and Mac an updated Apple Watch app is coming next.

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